A FOUNDER’S STORY…  “When I was too young and saw what I needed, I couldn’t reach it without an adult seeing it first. But they weren’t looking. 

When I was still too young, I saw all I could do to help those around me and those far away, but I couldn’t act on it without an adult seeing it first. But they weren’t looking. 

Then, when not so young, I realized we sometimes get what we need when we reach out to help others, even if we're not sure how. I was still too young to act on it properly, and needed adults to help me help others. But the adults still weren’t looking. 

When I got to be older, a loving stranger said the only excuses were those I put in front of me. I chose to not make excuses and asked many adults how to get started and was shown a LONG list of what I needed to DO to be ready before I could help others. So I started on the list.

 It took many years of education, time, money, trial and error, and working long hours to enter the “official doing-good arena”. There I was, all set up and finally ready, according to those adults, now my corporate ‘peers’. The last item on the list was to enter another arena where GOOD competes against GOOD for ‘funding’ ultimately canceling out one good thing for another.

 It was clear any passion in my heart from way back when to DO GOOD, was not going to depend on “competing” for funds and especially not by canceling out one good deed for another. That couldn’t be the answer in a world that needs so much more good!

I realized maybe the way to get all this done was not to take advice from those who were never looking but to follow the few who were living examples and to BE an adult that WAS looking, embracing opportunities to encourage, and mentor others of all ages.”

Mentoring Dreams Through Food & Film! An idea whose time has come! We're working on duplicating product development as a solution to poverty; training and giving underprivileged opportunities to "run with the ball" rather than accepting cycles of poverty. Stay tuned for more on this development! 

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